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   Orchids are accepted to be the world’s most exotic and fascinating flowers, with their extraordinary variety of sizes, shapes, colors and markings. Because of their curious, long lasting, brilliantly colored flowers, they are sought after plants by hobbyist and nurseryman all over the world.


            The family of orchids, one of the highly evolved groups of plants, comprises over 25,000 individual species, with new discoveries being made and describes every year. The fascinatingly beautiful flowers of long-lasting quality of certain species and the ease with which they can be hybridized, has lead to the production of over 85,000 man made, registered hybrids, thereby establishing a culture of its own (Freed 1979, Ariditi 1977), further the discovery of tissue-culture technology and mericloning has revolutionalised the orchid cultivation and today it is a lucrative cut-flower industry of considerable economic importance, elsewhere in the world. Today, far more hybrids are grown than species, many of which have become very rare. The hybrids are usually easier for the beginners to grow successfully because they are vigorous plants able to tolerate the artificial conditions in the greenhouse home.


            As a result of the wide distribution area, the species vary greatly; they may be terrestrial (growing on grounds as opposed to water) epiphytes (growing above the ground, supported non-parasitically by another plant of object and deriving nutrients and water form the surrounding air), lithophytes (growing on the surface of rocks), or even sub-terrainean (growing beneath the surface of the growing medium). They are sub-cosmopolitan in their distribution and are widely found in both the tropical and temperate zones.


            For thousand of years in every continent man has had direct contact with these plants, obsessed with the beauty of their flowers, attracted by their heavy perfume or intrigued by the essences that can be extracted from them. 













   Amongst the many floral treaties of Sikkim Himalaya one of the earliest ones may be found over the genus Rhododendron (Gk. rhodo = red, dendrons = tree ). 



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  Orchid known for their brilliance in colors, unusual shapes attractive growth habits, variety in fragrance and exquisite beauty can attract any nature lovers.





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Medicinal Plant

Sikkim with its total geographical area of 7,096 sq km is bestowed with a huge diversity of flora and fauna.



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