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   As a humble learner of the bioinformatics one should be  prudent enough to select as many literatures as available in the library of the world bio-science centers and museums and also one can be successful if the choice is made with references to the present scenario and developments in the field of ones interest. It is thus without saving time one  may have to define his or her subject of interest and worth. This is particularly because the area of bioinformatics is just unlimited in context to human welfare.

  •                         Bioinformatics made Easy (CDROM)

  •                         Introduction to Bioinformatics

  •                         Genomics & Bioinformatics

  •                         Bioinformatics-Sequence & Genome Analysis

  •                         Bioinformatics & Human Genome

  •                         Bioinformatics Methods & Protocols

  •                         Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills

  •                         Bioinformatics Basics

  •                         Users Guide to Bioinformatics Age

  •                         Bioinformatics

  •                         Exploring Computers Vol I- Vol V

  •                         Environmental Controversies

  •                         Methods in Biotechnology

  •                         Principles of Genetics

  •                         Enzymes

  •                         Multimedia & Communication Technology

  •                         Introduction to Database Systems

  •                         Solid State Fermentation in Biotechnology

  •                         Computer & Data Acquisition & Analysis for Life Sciences

  •                         Tools & technology Of Microbiology

  •                         Global Management & Information Technology

  •                         Plant Cell Biology

  •                         The Cell-A molecular Approach

  •                         Text Book of Biotechnology

  •                         Cellular & molecular Immunology

  •                         Harpers Biochemistry

  •                         Principles of Biochemistry

  •                         Windows 2000 Programming

  •                         Photoshop 4

  •                         Comp. Analysis of Biochemical System

  •                         Excel 2000

  •                         Text Book of Biotechnology



   Amongst the many floral treaties of Sikkim Himalaya one of the earliest ones may be found over the genus Rhododendron (Gk. rhodo = red, dendrons = tree ).  



Rarity Status
L.K Rai Notes


  Orchid known for their brilliance in colors, unusual shapes attractive growth habits, variety in fragrance and exquisite beauty can attract any nature lovers.





The Genus



Medicinal Plant

Sikkim with its total geographical area of 7,096 sq km is bestowed with a huge diversity of flora and fauna. 





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