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Our Council works on Various Project Envis and Patent informatics center are our two nighbour Project and their site can be accessed with following link......... 


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    Bioinformatics Center Sikkim

Realizing the informational revolution brought about by Bioinformatics in exchange of different database through electronic media easily and in a faster manner, the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India started a first ever National Network on Biotechnology called Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISNet) during the 7th Five Year Plan. Under this network the Department has established different Bioinformatics centers as Centers of Excellence (CoEs), Distributed Information Centers (DICs), Distributed Information Sub-Centers (DISCs) and Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIFs) at various Universities, Research Institutions and Government Offices.

The Bioinformatics Centre, Sikkim is one of them and is established in the capacity of Distributed Informatics Sub-Centre (DISC). The Centre is working under Sikkim State Council of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology and has been guided by principles and objectives of its own.


Database complied by Bioinformatics center, Sikkim

    Sikkim being a hot spot has a huge repository of biological resources .Documentation of these biological resources is of out most importance for Research and development works, Conservation protection and to avoid activities like bio-piracy.

   Sikkim Bioinformatics Center has created these data of biodiversity using primary resources like Books, Published researched paper and net and secondary data like field visit and questionnaires.



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   Amongst the many floral treaties of Sikkim Himalaya one of the earliest ones may be found over the genus Rhododendron (Gk. rhodo = red, dendrons = tree ).



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L.K Rai Notes


  Orchid known for their brilliance in colors, unusual shapes attractive growth habits, variety in fragrance and exquisite beauty can attract any nature lovers.





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Medicinal Plant

  Sikkim with its total geographical area of 7,096 sq km is bestowed with a huge diversity of flora and fauna.










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