Basic Information



Species                       : Hypericum chosianum D.Don.

Local Name                 :

Synonym                     :

Family                          : Hyperacaceae

Habitat                        : The shrubs occur in the temperate region.

Distribution            : Temperate to subalpine zone of Sikkim.

Sikkim                    : Lachen, Labha forest, Chandbari, Karponang, Namchi, Sinchel Lake, Chungthang, Lachung, Longthang, Zokophak, Tsong Khola Tsok-

                               Yuksom trek, Balwakhani, Gyalshing.

Out side                : Throughout the temperate Himalaya berween altitude 3,000 and 7,000 feet from Bhutan to Simla, Dalhousie and Chamba, Khasia

                                 mountains, altitude 5,000- 6,000 ft., Yunan, Japan.


Morphological information

A glabrous shrub, 1- 3 ft, with brownish bark and numerous red, stiffly patent branches. Leaves, 1- 2.5 inches, distichous, very shortly petioled, acute, black, dotted and rusty beneath, pellucid- punctate and striate margins reflexed. Cymes few- flowered, terminal. Peduncles two bracteate flowers one in diameter, sepel 1/2 inches. Petals yellow, orbicular, twice the length of  the stamens, stamens many, filament free, styles equaling the ovary. Capsule 1/2 inches, obtusely  conical.

Flowering              : June-August

Fruiting                 : September-December

History                 :

Parts                   : Seeds.

Status                : Vulnerable


Medicinal           : Seeds are aromatic and stimulant.


Traditional         : 200- 250 ml juice extract from the aerial shoot is orally administrated in

 1). Urinary troubles

 2). in food poisoning. The same treatment is also practiced in domestic animal for urinary troubles.




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