Basic Information



Species                                   : Fritillaria cirrhosa D.Don.

Local Name                              : Kakoli (Nep).

Synonym                                 :

Family                                      : Liliaceae.

Habitat                                    : Grassy and rocky places in open or among Rhododendron scrub.

Distribution                            :

Sikkim                                     : Samdong, Semarigri, Thangu, Bikbari, Thangshing, Biktu, Dzongri etc.

Out side                                  : Darjeeling (Sunadakpu).

General                                   :

General                                   : Eastern Himalayas and Khasi hills.

Morphological information

Lower leaves opposite, upper whorled, uppermost with cirrhose lips. Flowers 1- 2 tersellate nectary broad naked. Very nearly allied to F. Roylei and perhaps, as Wallich believed a variety of that plant, the leaves are however larger and narrower and the uppermost have cirrhose tips.

Flowering                                                    : May-July.

Fruiting                                                       :

History                                                        :

Parts                                                           : Corms.

Status                                                          : Vulnerable.



The dried corms are given in asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.




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