Basic Information



Species                       : Ephreda gerardenia var.sikkimensis Royle

Local Name                 : Somlata (Lep).

Synonym                    :

Family                         : Gnetaceae.

Habitat                       : A low growing rigid tufted shrub. Thrives well in cold and moist places.

Distribution                : Distributed to temperate and alpine Himalayas.

Sikkim                         :These species are distributed at marshy places, Thathangchen, Rinkhola, Jorethang and Yumthang.

Out side                      : Western Tibet.

Morphological information

A low- growing rigid tufted shrub with usually a guarded jointed stem and erect green branches, 6 inches 4 ft. Spikelets sub sessile often whorled; fruiting with often fleshy red succulent bracts. 2 seeded. Seeds biconvex or plano- convex.

Flowering                        :

Fruiting                           :

History                           :

Parts                              : Whole plant.

Status                            : Vulnerable.


Medicinal                      : It has got the following properties. Cardiac and circulatory, stimulant. Diuretic in urticaria, angioneurotic oedema in asthma.




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