Basic Information



Species                       : Cynoglossum wallichi G.Don.

Local Name                 :

Synonym                    : C. glochidiatum Wall. ex Lindl.

Family                         :

Habitat                       : Erect, 30- 60 an. Thrives well in moist places, open grass slopes, in Fir Forest and

                                    Rhododendron scrub zones.

Distribution                : Distributed to temperate region.

Sikkim                         : Ranipool, Deorali, Tsomgo and Chomnagu.

Out side                      :

Morphological information

West Bengal, Kashmir, Assam, West Peninsula, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Darjeeling, Bhutan (Thimpu district, Punakha district and Sakden district, Upper Mu Chu, Upper Bumthang).


It is an erect plant of 30- 60 cm; stem hispid with hairs springing from tubercles; branches ascending.  Leaves 5 by 1.3 cm, thin, sparsely hispid on both surfaces with hairs often rising from tubercles; cauline leaves lanceolate, base attenuate or petioled, ciliate or denticulate; radical leaves 0 at the time of flowering. Calyx- lobes ovate obtuse, sometimes oblong and 2 mm in fruit. Nutlets 2.5 mm, margined by the confluent bases of the glochidia, but not prominently, glochidia on the faces plentiful and not much shorter; corpophore sub linear

Flowering                                        :  May –October.

Fruiting                                           : May –October.

History                                           :

Parts                                              : Root.

Status                                            : Low risk

Medicinal                                        : In Lakhimpur, the juice of the root is given to stop the vomiting of infants.




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