Basic Information



 Species                       : Cassiope fastigiata

Local Name                  :

Synonym                     : Andromeda fastigiata

Family                         : Gentianaceae.

Habitat                       : A small- branched shrublet. Grows on the upper surface of the rocks.

Distribution                : This plant occur in the alpine- sub alpine region.

Sikkim                         : Nathang, Nathula, Kupup, Memenchu Lake, Baba Mandir, Dzongu, Tsokha, Lachen, Kisheong- Dzongu.

Out side                      : Bhutan, (Thimpu and Tsonga district, Upper Memenchu, Upper Phochu, Upper Bumthang Chu and Upper Kulong Chu district).

Morphological information

Small branched tufted shrub let to 30 cm. Leaves lanceolate, thick to 5mm

long, numerous, in 4 ranks, overlapping, and ad pressed to stem. Flowers white, bell shaped with short out curved lobes, pendulous, 6- 8 mm long, and sepals brown, elliptic.

Flowering          :

Fruiting             :

History             :

Parts               : Whole plant.

Status             : Vulnerable.


The 200- 250 ml of boiled root and aerial part is administered orally in case of  cough and fever.



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