Basic Information



Species                       : Bistorta amplexicaulis (D.Don) Greene.

Local Name                :

Synonym                    : Polygonum amplexicaule D.Don.

Family                         : Polygonaceae

Habitat                       : An erect herb.

Sikkim                          : Meadows and stream sides, 3000-4000 m, Changu Lake, Karponang, Thegu.

Out side                      : Bhutan.


Morphological information

Erect herb with thick rhizomes. Stems 30-75, sometimes branches.  Leaves ovate, 6-10(-25) x 3-6 (-13) cm, acuminate, base cordite; petioles of lower leaves up to 15 cm, upper ones sessile, amplexicaul, glabrous; ocrea 1.5-5 cm, brown, membranous, entire. Racemes 207 cm, borne on slender peduncles 3-8 cm, flowers numerous.  Perianth c 6 mm, borne on slender peduncles 3-8 cm, flowers numerous.  Perianth c 6 mm, pink or purple; pedicels 6-8 mm. Stamens not exerted.  Achenes 5-6 mm, brown.

Flowering     :

Fruiting        :

History        :

Parts          :

Status: Low risk.



Used as astringent for diarrhoea, profuse menses, colitis and gingilis, they also possess diuretic, febrifuge, expectorant, haemostatic and antiseptic properties.



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