Basic Information



Species                      : Bergenia purpurascens ( Hook f. & Thomson)Engler

Local Name                :

Synonym                    : Saxifraga purpurascens Hook f. & Thomson

Family                         : Saxifragaceae

Habitat                       : A herb found on rocks, ledges and cliffs

Distribution                : Distributed to temperate and sub alpine region

Sikkim            : On the way to Kisheong, Changu to Kupup, Nathang to Padamchen, Lachen to Thangu, Yuksom to Bakhim, Ravongla, 5-lakes

                       (North Sikkim), Kyongnnosla -Tamjey.

Out side       : Bhutan (Ha and Bumthang district, upper Mo Chu, Upper Pho Chu, Upper Bumthang Chu and Upper Kulong Chu districts).


Morphological information

Flowering stems 7- 30 cm, reddish brown, glandular pubescent. Leaves

elliptic or ovate- elliptic, 7- 25 x 5- 17 cm rounded, base cuneate or rounded, margin entire or shallowly sinuate, glabrous or ciliate near base; petioles 1.5-10 cm, basal 1- 4 cm sheathing. Flowers 1- 8, nodding. Calyx 8-14 mm, dull crimson, lobes oblong, rounded. Petals obovate, 15 -25x7- 9 mm, tapering to a basal claw 2- 3 mm bright pink. Stamens 9-14 mm. Capsules ellipsoid, 1 cm, tapering above in to styles +  as long, base surrounded by persistent calyx.

Flowering                 : May- July

Fruiting                    : May-July

History                    :

Parts                       : Root.

Status                    : Endangered.


Juice of the root helps in any form of stomach disorder, it is also mixed with milk and given to women after delivery to ease body ache and to stop bleeding. Roots are first collected and crushed till they give out juice, which is taken orally.



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