Basic Information



Species                       : Bergenia ciliata Sternb

Local Name                : Pakhanbeth (Nep)

Synonym                     : Saxigfraga ligulata Wall

Family                         : Saxifragaceae

Habitat                       : Found on rocks, ledges and cliffs.

Distribution                : Distributed to temperate and sub -alpine region.

Sikkim            : Kyongnosla, Changu, Karponanag, Lachen to Thongu, Nathang, Prekchu -Tsokha, Pangolakha- Subaney Dara, Gangtok (domesticated).

Out side         : West Bengal (Darjeeling, Labha, Takdah, Rimbick( Kalimpong), Arunachal Pradesh (Nyam Jang Chu), Bhutan

                       (Phuntsoling district, Deothang district, Ha district and Mongar district).

General           : Afghanistan, Himalayas (Kumaon to Bhutan), South Tibet, Meghalaya, Lushai hills.

Morphological information

Leaves sub orbicular or broadly obovate, 15x4-14 cm, rounded at base and apex, margin finely denticulate and densely ciliate, leaves otherwise glaborous. Flowers 1–20; calyx 7–12 mm,green, lobes acute, denticulate near apex; petals obovate, 11-15 x 7 -13 mm, white tinged pink; stamens 6 -12 mm.

Flowering               : February- April

Fruiting                  : March-July

History                  :

Parts                     : Root.

Status                   : Vulnerable



Used in fever, pulmonary infections, diarrhoea and scurvy. Decoction of the root is made and taken orally.



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