Basic Information



Species                      : Kallanchoe integra (medic.) Kuntze

Local Name                :

Synonym                   : K. spathulata DC.

Family                        : Crassulaceae

Habitat                      : An erect herb found in warmer places.

Distribution                : Distributed to tropical and subtropical region.

Sikkim                         : Dikchu, Way to Tholung, Keetam and Premlakha Pangolakha.

Out side                      : West Bengal.

Morphological information

An erect perennial succulent, 1-4 ft. high, with terete or quadrangular stem. Leaves spathulate oblong, obtuse, crenate, cuneate at the base, glabrous; the lower petiolate, usually 7.5- 12.5 by 3.8- 5 an (sometimes reaching 25 by 10 cm.); the upper distant, becoming very narrow, 7.5- 10 by 1.3 cm. (sometimes 3- fbliolate), frequently sessile. Flowers in dense many flowered cymose panicles; lower bracts leaf- like. Calyx 6-10 mm. long, glabrous, divided almost to the very base; segments oblong lanceolate a triangular from a broad base, acute or acuminate, 3 mm. broad at the base. Corolla clear yellow; tube glabrous, 1.3 cm. long; lobes broadly lanceolate, acute or shortly acuminate. Hypogynous scales narrow- linear, 3 mm. long, often bifid. Follicles glabrous.

Flowering           :

Fruiting              :

History               :

Parts                  : Leaves

Status                : Vulnerable.


The juice of the leaves is antiperiodic, tonic and purgative. The leaves are burnt and applied to burnt and abscesses.




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