Scientific Name Lycopersicum esculentum
Local Name  Rambhera
Family Solanaceae
State/World wide South America; States: U.P, W.B, Bihar, H.P,T.N,Punjab, Gujrat, Sikkim, Meghalaya, etc.
Common Name of Disease: 4. FUSARIUM WILT
Local Name of Disease -Ohilini bimar
Causal Organism - Fusarium oxysporum
Distribution of Disease in Sikkim

- Reported from some green house grown crop from tadong 5th mile few years back. Few places from Onlop West Sikkim.

Disease Incidence - Low
Site of Infection

- Roots are first attack by the pathogen followed by stems.

Dissemination of the Disease - The fungus becomes established readily in many soil types, such soils remaining infested almost indefinitely. The chief method is by transplants, wind-borne soil, surface drainage water, water-borne soil, and implements  


Yellowing of lower leaves appear first, usually affecting the leaflets unilaterally. The affected leaves die, and the symptoms continue to appear on successively younger leaves. One or two branches may be affected while others remain symptom less. After the disease has advance for a few weeks, browning of the vascular system may be seen in cross section of the lower stem. The as a whole is stunted and permanent wilting of leaves take place.

Favourable environmental condition for disease
The fungus requires low soil moisture, short day length; low high intensity; nutrient low in nitrogen, high in potassium, low in phosphorus, or low pH.

Mode of Transmission
Same as in dissemination of disease.

Life cycle of Organism -

Plant Protection Measures
Use of resistant varieties, rouging out of diseased plants.

Bioinformatics Sub- DISC, SSCS&T