Scientific Name Solanum tuberosum
Local Name  allo
Family Solanaceae
State/World wide World wide: South America; States: U.P, W.B, Bihar, H.P, T.N, Punjab, Gujrat, Sikkim, Meghalaya, etc.
Common Name of Disease: 1. LATE BLIGHT
Local Name of Disease - Pilsiney bimar
Causal Organism - Phytopthora infestens
Distribution of Disease in Sikkim

-Late blight is the most serious disease in potato in the hills where the weather condition in comparatively more congenial.

Disease Incidence -Low to medium
Site of Infection

- The pathogen attacks all parts of the plant

Dissemination of the Disease - Tuber borne disease when stored in low temperature. It is neither seed nor soil borne. The pathogen take shelter in infected potato tubers kept in cold storage remains dormant inside it till next season.


Symptoms appear on leaves, stems, fruits, tubers.Irregular black lesions appear near leaf margin.
On the lower surface of leaf, flour like white zone is seen at the periphery of lesion.On petiole or stem, purple or black lesions appear.

Favourable environmental condition for disease
Phytopthora is a low temperature fungus- cool temperature (5-12 degree centigrade) and muggy weather is most favourable. Pathogen is susceptible to bright sun (>24 degree centigrade).

Life cycle of Organism
Tuber borne disease when stored in cold temperature.

Life cycle of Organism -
Pathogen is transmitted through planting of infected tubers.

Plant Protection Measures
Grow tolerant variety.

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