Scientific Name Capsicum annum and Capsicum fruitescens
Local Name  Khorsani
Family Solanaceae
State/World wide  World wide
Common Name of Disease: 1. ANTHRACNOSE
Local Name of Disease - 
Causal Organism - Colletotrichum capsici.
Distribution of Disease in Sikkim

-Disease has been reported from the four districts of Sikkim.

Disease Incidence -Low
Site of Infection

- Fruit and shoot

Dissemination of the Disease - It is a seed-borne and soil borne disease. 


The disease appear in two forms :-
a) die back
b) fruit rot
Die-back: symptom of water soaked nacrotic infection causes the death of the tender twigs and entire branches from top to bottom.
Fruit rot: green fruits are less affected than the red ripened fruits. The tissues shrink irregularly at different portion of fruit.On the lesion numerous black dots acervuli develop.

Favourable environmental condition for disease
High relative humidity more than 85% together with temperature more than 30 degree centigrade is favourable for the pathogen activity. High dose of nitrogen in is also responsible for the disease out break.

Mode of Transmission
The pathogen is seed borne as well as soil borne.

Life cycle of Organism -

Plant Protection Measures
Destroy the infected plant debris to avoid perpetuation of the fungus.Hot water treatment of seed at 50 degree centigrade for about 25 mins.

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