Scientific Name Phaseolous sp.
Local Name  Ghew Simbi, Singtamey
Family graminaceae
State/World wide World wide.
Common Name of Disease: 2.ANTHRACNOSE
Local Name of Disease - 
Causal Organism - Colletotrichum spp.
Distribution of Disease in Sikkim

- All most every where beans are grown during summer season.

Disease Incidence - Low
Site of Infection

- Penetration occurs by means of an injection peg which forms on the side of the appressorium in contact with the host, and it penetrates the cuticle by mechanical pressure.

Dissemination of the Disease - The incitant lives from one growing season to the next on infected plant debris and on seed. When infected seed germinates, lesions appearing on the cotyledons serve as the source of secondary inoculums. The spores are entirely water-borne.



Favourable environmental condition for disease

Life cycle of Organism

Life cycle of Organism -

Plant Protection Measures
Grow of resistant varieties, rouging out of diseased plants. Crop rotation of 2-3 years and field sanitation are sufficient to eliminate the fungus on over wintering debris.

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